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skins_lims's Journal

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Skins Last Icon Maker Standing
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this Last Icon Maker Standing community was created for all the graphics and icon makers out there who love Skins!
all fans are welcomed to this community.


- you must be a member to participate; join
- you can participate inly if your name is listed on sign-up list; sign-up for session three is here.
- you must use the pictures provided, if it's not a special round. read the rules in every post carefully before making an icon.
- rounds schedule is placed below, but it can change because of mod's needs.
- the only persons who can post are mod and banner-maker(s).
- every participant has one skip; you can earn the second by promoting the community anywhere and leave a comment with the link to the post where you promoted this community. I use your skips automatically, but it's always good to know earlier, so comment if you need to use your skip. (if you can comment, of course. it's okay if you don't, though)
- icons must be made especially for this challenge, they must be made by you. you can change your entry, just delete the old comment and post a new with new icon.
- there will be 2 people eliminated until we're down to ten; then there will be 1 person eliminated until we're down to three; and, at last, the final round: we are choosing LIMS, the first runner-up and the second runner-up.
- when you vote, please give your reasons for both eliminations and best icons. in each post there is the form to copy. to Russian members: you can write your reasons in Russian, I think I'll understand you.))
- participants may not vote for themselves; in the final rounds participants can't vote at all.
- you can invite your friends to vote, but you can't tell them which icon is yours. if I know about it, I'll eliminate your icon.
- I'm uploading icons for my own server, but please don't delete your pics from your own until the voting goes up.


s1: bossygenius; eryslash; 2morrowww
s2: eryslash; loving_w; sarenka_xd
s3: no winners yet!))


SUNDAY: you can enter your icon
FRIDAY voting goes up
SUNDAY results are posted.

promo banner;

banner's made by the winner of the 2nd session eryslash

profile codes » mod's lj » layout credit

Social capital

  • less than 10